Leadership Coaching

Leaders who inspire and motivate us, who instil in us a sense of value and belonging, who build our confidence, are the ones we want to stay working for and to whom we feel compelled to give our best. Having engaged, self motivated and emotionally intelligent leaders, allows an organisation to deliver on its strategy. This is a fundamental truth and yet often, in our busy  target driven world, overlooked.

As a leadership coach Emma is passionate about empowering leaders with the skills to inspire, engage and achieve excellence. Emma also advises company leaders on how to align ‘people’ policies with overall company strategy and offers a research function, equipping leaders with invaluable insight into their company ‘culture’ and ‘well-being’.

Emma Turner leadership coaching services
Emma Turner leadership coaching services

Team Coaching

Outstanding companies know that the only way to build a successful business and then scale is through great teamwork. Exceptional leaders are skilled in galvanising their teams to work together to achieve a common vision. They also value the importance of diversity and appreciate that diverse groups of people are more innovative and more productive than homogenous ones.

Emma works with the ‘who’ of an organization, the individuals who ultimately have the power to generate success, create excellence and drive results. She runs high energy team events aimed at building awareness and an appreciation within the team of individual’s innate strengths, promoting effective collaboration and a high performing team.

Performance Coaching

Emma brings her in-depth understanding of the psychology of high performance into her coaching. By modelling the thoughts, emotions and behaviours of other high performers and by challenging any limiting beliefs, Emma helps her clients unlock the power to achieve unlimited success.

One of the greatest obstacles to high performance is a lack of energy and focus. We are increasingly expending more energy than we recover which ultimately means we are significantly less productive through the week. By looking at a person’s lifestyle habits and by suggesting small changes, Emma’s clients are able to bring their best to work more of the time allowing them to thrive under pressure.

Emma Turner leadership coaching services
Emma Turner leadership coaching services


Emma Turner, Executive and Performance Coach brings energy, passion and just a touch of humour to her talks. A great observer of people, she shares her personal stories and experience, which allow people to truly connect with the content and theories.

If you would like to book Emma to come and talk at your event, please get in touch.