Training, Team Events, Keynotes and More

Now more than ever, as we live through the tough challenges that Covid has brought us and an ever changing landscape, we need to focus on ensuring that we and the people we lead are fully equipped and able to thrive.

By investing in the ‘who’ of an organisation, those incredible people who ultimately make the difference between good and great, not only do we achieve success, but we become the organisations that people seek out to work for.

Training Programmes

Emma works with organisations to create virtual and in-person training programmes to help their people grow and achieve success. From empowering leaders with the skills to inspire, engage and build high performing teams, to training programmes that help equip people with the emotional intelligence, confidence and resilience to stay on top of their game.

Team Events

When it comes to what makes the best teams; diversity, collaboration, psychological safety and great leadership always come out top. Emma’s virtual and in person team events aimed at supercharging team performance are always high energy, inspiring and super practical. Emma uses psychometrics, such as the MBTI, Firo-B and MSCEIT to maximise self awareness and team effectiveness.


Emma’s talks aim to inspire and ignite people to dream big and achieve more. From companywide all-hands to virtual keynotes, Emma brings her passion for people, psychology and performance to life. A great observer of people, she shares her personal stories and vast experience which allows the audience to truly connect with the content, messaging and call to action.

Thriving in a Busy World

Over the past 10 years of Emma’s career, a real focus area has been helping people build high levels of energy and resilience, a real nod back to her psychology roots. Research shows that people are not recovering the energy they use in the week, nor are they as resilient as they need to be, which comes at a huge cost to both performance and wellbeing. Indeed 70% of people are feeling exhausted and top talent are at greatest risk of burn-out.

By showing people how to build the emotional, physical and mental resilience and live a life which is aligned with their values and purpose, Emma’s talks and training programmes are helping people to feel super energised and on top of their game.

Finding our True North

What motivates and drives us and the people we work with?

There are two types of motivation, external, such as fear and recognition and internal. Internal motivation is a power source of energy and comes from aligning life with ones’ own personal values and sense of purpose. Our personal values are what we believe to be important in how we live our life and how we work.

Emma’s values cards help people gain clarity on what’s really important so that they can take values led actions and choose careers that are deeply fulfilling. Used with organisations at team events, they help build great relationships, transparency and trust.

Value cards