Specialising in the fields of Leadership, Peak Performance and Emotional Intelligence, Emma is focused on coaching her clients to achieve their personal goals, maximise potential and achieve excellence. Outstanding organisations attribute their success to the people who work there. Emma works closely with Leaders to build successful teams, attract and retain top talent and maximise personal, team and business performance.

Sadly, one of the most negative impacts on productivity and performance is a lack of energy, which has quickly become the number one health complaint. Emma feels passionate about helping people re-energise and thrive even when the pressure on them is at its peak.

She is the Founder of Zenergos a personalised Coaching App that helps people build the Energy and Resilience associated with consistent High Performance.

Emma Turner - peak performance coach

In good times and bad times what makes companies exceptional, are its people, what makes Emma exceptional is her knowledge of how to get the best out of those people.

Senior Vice President and Managing Director UKI, Salesforce